New Club at Dunlap High School Aims to Help the Children of St. Jude

New Club at Dunlap High School Aims to Help the Children of St. Jude

Melanie Henley

Dunlap High School is starting the year off with a new club, St. Jude Club. The goal of this club is to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a nonprofit hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.


The club includes a board of juniors and seniors, and about 70 potential club members, ranging from freshmen to seniors. The club meets on club Fridays in Mrs. Gordon’s room.


St. Jude Club has already held a silent auction/raffle which raised over $1,000 for St. Jude. The club plans to continue fundraising within the school, as well as outside of Dunlap High School and into the Dunlap and Peoria community.


Some fundraisers they plan on having are standing outside of grocery stores asking for donations, fundraising at Double A’s, and having a week long fundraising event at Dunlap High School.


St. Jude Club, however, has a deeper meaning than just raising money.


Gabi Cyr, club president, decided to bring this club to DHS because it is such a good cause, and she feels strongly about helping children with cancer.


Cyr believes that being involved in St. Jude club is about “Being a part of something bigger than yourself.”


The St. Jude Club stems out farther than just Dunlap. There are St. Jude clubs at Peoria Notre Dame and Eureka high schools that Dunlap plans to work with.

St. Jude club officers at their first fundraising event, a silent
auction, at a Friday home football game.