Homecoming Week Theme Days

Students dress the part to show school pride

Anna Ortega

Last week, students showed spirit by celebrating theme days during homecoming week.

Students showed their Eagle pride by participating and dressing up on the different theme days: Hawaiian Shirt Day, 80s Day, Old People Day, Class T-Shirt Day, and Maroon & Gold Day, in that order.

One participant, Trent Miles, said that his favorite theme was 80s Day. The freshman is already looking to theme days for next year. He said, “Maybe next year’s theme could be middle school colors.”

Senior Billy Hanley joined in the fun by dressing up in the themes last week too. He said, “my favorite theme day was Hawaiian shirt day. I think next year we could have pajama day or crazy hair day.”

Jessie Eberle (11th) and Alexandra Dickerson (9th) showing their eagle pride on Maroon and Gold Day.
Seniors Franny Verville, Huda Aldadah, Riley Baker, Ayah Aldadah, and Amanda Christophe looking well over their years on Old People Day this last Wednesday.
Gabby Gavino-DaCosta (12th), Sofi Ortega (9th), Ellie Mol (9th), Billy Hanley (12th), and Mitchell Jester (11th) celebrating 80s Day (from left to right).
Trent Miles (9th) on Class T-Shirt Day.
Jessy Morrell and Kiara Pauli, both juniors, wearing their class t-shirts on Thursday.
Senior Justin Monge wearing gold pants for Maroon and Gold Day on Friday.