Stage 323 Welcomes “Up the Down Staircase”

Celia Hernandez and Nicole Weinzimmer

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Stage 323 began their 2017-18 season with the play “Up the Down Staircase”, the biggest fall play to open at Dunlap High School.

“Up the Down Staircase” is a play where a lesson was taught, while tying in humor to draw in the audience.

Director Robin Hunt says, “I chose this show because it not only had a large amount of parts, but it also had a great story arc. With 32 students in the show and seven weeks of rehearsal, the students in the show have been incredible to work with and each brings their own physicality to their role.”  

When Tanner Smith, who plays the lead role of Sylvia Barrett was asked about her character, she stated, “She is a really important character who shows struggles of teaching.” Smith says she loves being a part of a big cast and performing with others.


Maggie Ward, Megan Unger, Jessy Morall, and DJ Henson as students in the play

Tanner Smith as Sylvia Barrett on “Stage 323”

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Stage 323 Welcomes “Up the Down Staircase”