Frisbee Golf Club begins at Dunlap


“Members of the frisbee golf club gathered together at homecoming.”

Victorine Lewin and Sydney Sutter

Seeing an increase in the popularity of frisbee golf, four seniors decided to bring it to DHS.

Michael Rhee, Grant Winkel, Nick Reynolds and John McClain with the help of Mr. Olson started the Frisbee Golf Club, which they call Frolf, at the second club day last month.

According to Mr. Olson the club had a very good turnout the first day of about two dozen people but are hoping for more members.

Mr. Olson says that so far “it is all guys so if you know any ladies that like to frolf let them know.”

So far club day meetings have consisted of designing and ordering t-shirts unique to the club. However, according to club president Rhee, “In the near future we will set up a basket on the school outside and let people throw discs around.”

There is also talk about holding a fundraiser for St. Jude that may be called the “Ring of Fire.”

Mr. Olson says that the club has already organized a couple dates to go play frolf.

Rhee thought of the idea last year and luckily remembered it for this year.

He also happens to be a president for Car Club, therefore he says “It’s a big responsibility to be a president of both clubs, but Alex Naugle, the other car club president, has stepped up while I am setting up Frisbee Golf Club.”

The club has a Twitter page @DunlapDiscGolf for club updates and out of school meetups.

This Friday, Oct. 13, is the last day to order shirts for $15.

“Members of the frisbee golf club gathered together at homecoming.”