Seniors Recognized As Tops in the Nation

Cooper Hall


Six DHS seniors were recently recognized as being in the top 1 percent of high school graduating seniors in the nation.

Yashodha Narayanan, Shreya Bellur, Julia Evancho, Maxwell Jong, Ellyn Liu, and Elizabeth Martin were named semifinalist of the 2018 National Merit Scholarship award competition.

This award is an opportunity of a lifetime with only 16,000 people in the United States named a semifinalist, and less than half of those becoming a finalist. The 7,500 National Merit Scholarship winners are expected to receive more than $32 million in scholarships.

Semifinalist are selected based on their 2016 PSAT scores. They now must submit an application, academic transcript, and show a proven record of community service and leadership.

The finalist will be notified in February.

In addition to the six semifinalists, 11 DHS seniors received commendation from the National Merit Scholarship program for their outstanding achievement on the PSAT. They were Noah Blascyk, Sam Carpenter, Andrea Copeland, Lucas Day, Andrew Fei, Andrei Gabor, Albert Li, Kate Piper, Evan Quinn, Kathryn Rohlfing, Esther Sun, and Franny Verville.