Eagles Become Conference Champions

Lillian Nelson and Courtney West

On Monday, Oct. 9, the girls varsity tennis team won their conference tournament.
In a hard fought tournament, the team became champions after beating seven other teams in total. Their final score was 6-4 and 6-2 for the number two doubles game in the championship round.

Olivia Sutton, senior and team captain, said that “[winning] was a really good feeling, especially since the last point was one that we really had to earn.”

When asked about the team dynamic, Zoe Walton, also a senior and captain, said “We’re all really close friends and push each other to work harder. All of our hard work in the season paid off.”

Mr. Gornik, the tennis coach was happy to see the girls hard work pay off. He stated that “It was a great experience to see the girls have their hard work pay off.”

Some of the biggest accomplishments that occurred this year were learning to play together and playing in doubles. Mr. Gornik hopes to get as many girls to state as possible.

The girls have worked hard for their winnings: on average, they practice six days a week for two hours each.

Their overall record for tennis matches over the years are 158 wins and 105 loses. This year’s record is 13-2.