Orchestra Concert Highlights District’s Talent

Austin Blair and Katieanne Meyer

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On Monday, Oct. 16,  more than 60 DHS orchestra students held their first concert of the school year.

Joining the high schoolers were orchestra students from both Dunlap Middle and Dunlap Valley Middle schools.

The students performed a wide variety of classical pieces, as well as some pop tunes including a medley of Pixar movie tunes, which was orchestra director’s Mr. Shea favorite piece of the concert.

He said, “Pixar had the most melody and recognizable melody.”

He said the hardest piece of the concert “La Rejouissance” because it has “the hardest technical passages, particularly for the violins.”

Mr. Shea said the middle schoolers did very well.

According to Mr. Shea, one of the orchestra directors, this concert was “Designed to show progress from sixth to high school.”

“The seventh and eighth grade orchestra played more than the correct notes and rhythm. They played with mature musicality and phrasing,” Mr. Shea added.

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Orchestra Concert Highlights District’s Talent