Dunlap’s Marching Eagles Have An Award-Winning Season


SIU Band awards

Celia Hernandez

On Oct. 28, the DHS Marching Eagles ended their award winning marching season at Southern Illinois University (SIU) in Carbondale.


The band won numerous awards at their competitions, most notably at SIU where they took home Best Auxiliary in their class, Best Auxiliary of the day, first place overall on their class and Grand Champions.


The Marching Eagles competed in a total of five competitions over the band season. They competed at Washington, Morton, Limestone, Illinois State (ISU) and Southern Illinois University with their show Cirque Noir.


The Marching Eagles started out the season strong winning first place at Washington and best Auxiliary in their class.


Co-band director Mr. Shea says that one of the biggest challenges facing the band was “The students drive for improvement” as the weeks went on.


The band won second place at the Morton field show. Then picked up first in Auxiliary and first in their class at Limestone. They also garnered a third place finish in their class at ISU.


When Kendra Erdman, junior, drum major for the marching Eagles was asked about which performance she felt was the best she said, “SIU, because the band put in full effort toward the show and it payed off in the end.”


Co-band director Ms. Potts says that “As the weeks went on the drill got cleaner and the music got better which created a steady process.”  


The Marching Eagles Color Guard won Best Auxiliary at Washington, SIU and Limestone. Sophomore member Lauren Keene says “As a new varsity member to the guard, I had to learn things from the ground up, but everyone was very accepting and taught me as I went along which I think made us a great team.”