Farewell to Mrs. Siever


Sydney Sutter and Victorine Lewin

After teaching at Dunlap for 16 years, Mrs. Seiver will be leaving in December to escape from the cold and move into the warm weather.


Mrs. Seiver has been teaching at Dunlap since 2001. She has taught nine English classes all the way from the basic American Literature to Composition.


Mrs. Seiver has decided that she will be moving to Florida this upcoming year to be close to her sister. She is just finishing up her doctorate degree and is hoping to possibly get a job at a university.


Ever since she was a little girl, Mrs. Seiver knew she wanted to be a teacher.


“I loved when my grandpa came home from school so I could help grade papers,” Mrs. Seiver said. “I would always ask him to give me the dumb people because I liked marking them wrong with a red pencil.”


She followed in her grandfather’s footsteps and never considered another profession.


After teaching over the years, Mrs. Seiver believes that she has become more confident in her teaching. “There are times when you get hard classes, but they just made me better,” Mrs. Seiver said.


Looking back on the years, Mrs. Seiver loves when her old students came to visit her, give her hugs, and tell her what they have been up to, “it lets me know that what I have done really matters.”