Student Poll: Winter Break Plans

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This week, we asked students across DHS what they were looking forward to most over winter break. Here’s what they shared.

Elijah Clar, Freshman

“I plan on seeing my family and eating a lot of good food.”


Eli Blascyk, Freshman

“I’m looking forward to visiting  Minnesota.”


Caleb Nelson, Sophomore

“I’m going to enjoy not having homework.”


Gina Gavino, Sophomore

“I’m going out of the country to Brazil, so I look forward to that.”


Renee Davis, Junior

“Robotics build season starts over winter break.”



Sammie Roberts, Junior

“I look forward to seeing my friends from the summer.”


Jon Ripper, Senior

“I’m excited to build a drone over winter break.”


Jacob Cook, Senior

“I’m happy I only have to go to work and not to school.”

Kaitlyn White , Senior

“I’m excited for break and for Christmas.”

JT Riggin, Senior

“Spending time with my family and being involved with my club is what I am looking forward to the most.”

Nyian Glasso, Junior


Andrew Evans, Junior

“Spending time with my family this month.”

Cort Frantez , Freshman

“I look forward to seeing Christmas lights and snow.”

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Student Poll: Winter Break Plans