Learning about Dunlap Theatre

Kyle Brooks

This past week, I had the privilege to learn more about the theatre program here at Dunlap High School. There has been a lot of talk about major projects, so I checked in with some people involved in theatre.

One of the people I interviewed was Spencer Warfield, a student at Dunlap, he has participated in the theatre program ever since his freshman year. Another person was Mr. Andrews, a teacher, and the theatre program’s lead instructor. Mr. Andrews recently took over the program. I asked Spencer what he liked about the program and he had quite a lot to say. He called the program, “Incredibly professional,” and also stated that the program had “High standards,” He also exclaimed he would, “Get more men into the program”, and said that getting guys into the program, “Is always something I will push for”. He mentioned all the activities that take place in theatre including plays, musicals, show choir, and competitive performances. He said “The future is bright”, and hinted at some major projects in the works.

Mr. Andrews also had a lot of good things to say about the theatre program. When asked about what is taking place in the theatre, Mr. Andrews talked about the student-led plays that will be taking place in the theatre showcase. The students will be working very hard, as they will prepare and practice the plays every Thursday night. The plays will be presented to the public at the showcase on Thursday, May 3rd. I asked Mr. Andrews if he enjoyed teaching theatre and he commented, “Definitely”. He was involved in theatre in high school and also talked about the future being, “bright”. There is a lot planned in the future for the theatre program at Dunlap. I think everyone in the program is excited to see all their hard work pay off now and into the future.