Juniors Begin to Prep for SAT®

Ethan Frazier

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The SAT® classes for all juniors began this Monday, Feb. 5 to help begin preparing students for the actual test on April 10.


This year, students will use Khan Academy to prepare. In previous years, teachers would teach the content based off of a SAT textbook. Using Khan Academy allows the students a more individualized learning experience.


The class, which will be during homeroom on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, from now until the end of March, will be a combination of paper tests and online tests. They also will be more focused on helping the individual student.


According to vice principal David Johnson, the Khan Academy prep program was suggested to our school by the regional office of education because it was flexible and the best available. He said, “I believe that the classes could only help”.


The classes are based off of the real SAT test and have been produced by Khan Academy, along with the College Board who runs the SAT. It takes the score that a junior got on their practice SAT class and builds a class based off of their strengths and weaknesses.


The SAT classes goal is to begin preparing juniors for the real SAT test.  According to Mr. Goley, DHS counselor, “I believe that the classes have a good chance of raising scores.”He said that the classes are offered by most schools but none have the class built into the school day.


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Juniors Begin to Prep for SAT®