From Germany to America as a Foreign Exchange Student

Sarah Meghrian

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Jule Mumme is a foreign exchange student here at Dunlap High School. Jule will be staying here for ten months with the Hoenes family. She is a senior and is looking forward to graduation in May.


Jule is from Germany; she lives in the countryside between Hamburg and Denmark and has lived there her whole life. She has never been to the U.S. before, so this is a whole new experience for her.


While in Germany, Jule went to a private school, where she learned some English, but she wanted to learn more. So came to America to get fluent in English.


Since coming to Dunlap, she has joined the Fine Arts Club and plans on doing either track or softball. However, she has had to get used to the different school system. She says that the German school system is different because they take a lot of different classes.


When Jule finishes high school, she is thinking about going to Monmouth College and then going back to live in Germany.


Although Jule hopes to learn a lot from her experience while in America, she does miss home, especially the food. She said, “I will miss the German hot bread and the German chocolates.”


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From Germany to America as a Foreign Exchange Student