It’s Time Again for the Lady Eagles Softball Team to Strike ‘Em Out


Three players of the Lady Eagles Softball team!

Christina Britter

It’s about that time again to watch the DHS girls’ softball team strike out the competition on the field as the season begins to rev up.


Last year the Lady Eagles ended their season with a record of 15 – 19, but this year they have bigger expectations.


This softball season the team is planning on having “ more wins and fun. The team’s mantra is: “Twenty wins, win regionals, win Mid-Illini, and win state.”


And they plan on accomplishing that by working together, getting more hits, focusing more in practice, not allow themselves to be under a lot of pressure when it comes to competitive teams.


As a softball team, the Lady Eagles have a bond that just can’t be broken, according to captain Rachel Barrington. The senior said, “our bond is pretty unstoppable, fun and we’ve been playing together since the seventh grade.”


The team believes it would not be able to fulfill their goal without their head coach Heather Cassady, who is excited and ready to bring her game plan for the teams the Lady Eagles will play this year.


The team she is looking forward to beating this year is East Peoria because “they’ve been at the top, second in state last year” she says.


But she is more focused on getting the team to 20 wins, to be top three in the Mid-Illini, and place in the state.  


So watch out! The Lady Eagles are coming to win!

Coach Cassidy