Library to Host Annual Literacy Showcase April 9-13

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To encourage students to show off their work outside of class, the school library is presenting the third annual Literacy Showcase April 9-13.

The point of the showcase is so students can easily display their work. “Sometimes it’s really hard for students to get a chance to show work, especially if they are in a class that doesn’t have this option,” said Mrs. Stefanski.

Students can enter their work including poems, short stories, and art by bringing it to the library or emailing Mrs. Stefanski, who expects about 20-30 pieces to be entered.

This year there is also a workshop where Mrs. Stefanski and Ms. Monday will be teaching students how to make Zines, which is short for a small-circulated magazine of self-published work.

“This is an active workshop with students learning about what a Zine is and then how to create and publish their own,” said Mrs. Stefanski.

Unlike previous years there will be no book fair during the showcase, however, one is planned on April 15 where proceeds will go to fund more programs and books for the library.

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