Dunlap High School Students Are Ready To Boogie at Prom

Sarah Lewis and Gabrielle Arnett

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Dunlap High School Students Are Ready To Boogie at Prom

By: Sarah Lewis & Gabrielle Arnett


Dunlap High School upperclassmen will be dancing the night away this Saturday at the Embassy Suites in East Peoria. Why? Because it’s their prom night, and it promises to be magical thanks to the hard work of the prom committee.


Prom is one of the biggest mile markers in the year for upperclassmen of Dunlap High School. Everyone knows that when prom comes around, the school year will be coming to an end shortly.

Most students are excited to dress up and spend almost all day getting dolled up. Others are pumped for the food, let’s find out what some students are excited for.


“Food!”- Gabi Cyr, DHS senior


“Partying it up with my besties”- Jenna Moore, DHS senior


“The food”- Dylan Cockerham, DHS senior


“I’m excited because I’m going to have fun with my group”- Nathan Whitney, DHS senior


“For prom this year I am most excited to take pictures with all my closest friends both at the dance and beforehand” -Quinn Mullaly, DHS senior

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