Do you really know Mr. Seiler?

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Do you really know Mr. Seiler?

Christina Britter and Savannah Sullivan

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Mr. Seiler is a history teacher at DHS who is very well known by many students. He has been working here at DHS for 22 years or in his words “too long”. Civics is Seilers most well-known course by students, but he also teaches Geography.


Something most students do not know about Seiler is that his college degree is in business and physical education.


Along with his quick and witty remarks in class, most students enjoy the atmosphere and freedom to do work along with their peers.


In his free time outside of school, he enjoys to fish and hike whenever he gets the chance.


Here are some more unique facts about him:


Eagle Eye: What do you believe is the most ridiculous animal on the planet?

Seiler: Human Beings.

Eagle Eye: What is your favorite word to say at the moment?

Seiler: Catafrakas.

Eagle Eye: What is your secret talent?

Seiler: All of my secrets are exposed.

Eagle Eye: What was so special about standing on the books in the hallway?

Seiler: To get a better view of the circus.

Eagle Eye: What is your cure for the hiccups?

Seiler: Find the scariest person in the room.

Eagle Eye: Do you believe in conspiracy theories? If so, what is the most believable?

Seiler: Yes, if the moon is made of cheese.

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Do you really know Mr. Seiler?