Poll: Who will win the NBA Championship

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Poll: Who will win the NBA Championship

Anthony Zowin and Eric Tilly

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Poll: Who will win the NBA championship?

By: Anthony Zowin and Eric Tilly


The NBA Finals are just starting up and everyone is closely watching to see if their team is going to move on to the next round. Students and faculty are both equally excited about who they think is going to win it all, even though the winner will not be crowned for a while. Let’s see who they believe will win and why.


“Rockets, because they are one seed”- Matt Stroup, Senior

“Jazz, the name reminds me of the St. Louis Blues”- Jake Rusk, Sophomore

“Cavs, because of Lebron”- Qais Kattom, Sophomore

“Celtics. As a Butler Bulldog, I like Brad Stevens and Gordon Hayward”- Ms.Chapin, Librarian

“Rockets will win it all, because they are dominant and James Harden is going off”- Keegan Glatz, Sophomore

“Cavs, that’s the first team I thought of”- Mr.Goodman, Science Teacher

“I’m going with the Cavs because I don’t know anyone else in the playoffs”- Jack Ierulli, Junior

“Cavs, because Lebron is the best “- Brooke Richardson, Junior

“Lebron James will win the finals because he is the greatest of all time, and the Cavs will be there with him”- Josiah Miamen, Junior

“Raptors, I believe it is time for dinosaurs to come out of extinction”- Zalan Shah, Junior


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Poll: Who will win the NBA Championship