Fine Arts Night Makes An Impact

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Fine Arts Night Makes An Impact

Jon Lane and Natalie Siems

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Creative students of DHS got a chance to showcase their talents this past Friday during Fine Arts Night.


Artwork lined the hallways of the school, while performances highlighting groups such as choir, orchestra, and speech team were held in the auditorium. The robotics team also held demonstrations in the school’s gymnasium.


Dunlap High School art instructor Mrs. Hale, believes that Fine Arts Night is beneficial to the art community as it gives these students a way to be recognized for their work which would otherwise go unnoticed.


According to Mrs. Hale there were over 400 entries submitted to be featured in Fine Arts Night.


“I think it’s very good that students are able to get recognition for their work and showcase it to friends and family who might not typically see them in that light,” she said.


Performances also gave students from lesser-known clubs and activities a chance to be recognized. Emma Ross, who gave her state qualifying speech, expressed honor at being given the opportunity.


Photography students were also given a chance to display their photographs, including senior and foreign exchange student Maria Hanzek.


“This night is important to me because I get to display my photographs and establish a client base. It feels amazing. It’s incredibly heartwarming and it was really cool to see other people admiring my work,” Hanzek said.


The event also showcased a live art table where students would create an art piece throughout the night.


One of the students involved, senior Rachel Barrington, said “Our school gets a ton of publicity for sports, but there is a lot of talent here that only gets recognition once a year. It’s important that this art talent gets shown off just as much.”

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