Seniors Explain Factors Used to Choose A College

Spencer Warfield and Alex Walden

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As the final semester for an entire class of students draws near, the body of seniors is faced with a range of options to select for how they wish to continue beyond high school.  Many of them have already made the decision, each evaluating specific factors particular to the individual.  In this student poll, several graduating seniors were asked what features they considered in selecting a college.


Sarah McElroy, who is going to the University of Minnesota at Duluth, said, “being far enough away to get the full almost adult experience but close enough to come home if I needed to.”


Isaac Thompson looked at the strength of the programs he wanted to major in. He said, “I wanted accessibility to both a degree in education and forestry, both of which are top notch in the Midwest. I have a passion for both, and I don’t want to settle for a subpar education in either.”  He will attend the University of Wisconsin Steven’s Point


Charlie Zettler chose to attend Illinois Central College because “I wanted to enjoy a college experience while still being very near to home.”

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Seniors Explain Factors Used to Choose A College