Getting to Know Mr. Jakse

Rebecca Pappan and Talia Ficociello

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Football, Basketball, Track. Mr. Jakse is a coach for all seasons. And he does all of this while also holding a full-time position as a health and physical education teacher here at Dunlap.


The Eagle Eye recently caught up with Mr. Jakse to find out a little bit more about him. Here is some more information you may not have expected about Coach Jakse.


Eagle Eye: What motivates you to get up and work in the morning?

Mr. Jakse: Loving my job and being able to teach which is just like coaching.


Eagle Eye: If you could choose any profession for a day what would it be and why?

Mr. Jakse: NFL Coach for Chicago Bears. I love the bears.


Eagle Eye: If you could master only one skill, which would you choose?

Mr. Jakse: I would love to build a house by myself perfectly


Eagle Eye: Do you have any hidden talents?

Mr. Jakse: I’m good at jump roping


Eagle Eye: If you could have dinner with any of the presidents, dead or alive, who would it be and what food would you be eating?

Mr. Jakse: Barack Obama and Barbeque Ribs


Eagle Eye: What was one of your most memorable experiences while attending Eastern Illinois University?

Mr. Jakse: Either having class and being friends with Jimmy Garoppolo or participating in intramural sports.


Eagle Eye: Many people may not know that P.E. teacher Mr. Dentino is your cousin. Did you two plan on working at the same place together growing up?

Mr. Jakse: No. I didn’t realize until I was a freshman in college that I wanted to be a teacher and a football coach. I always thought it would be awesome because we would watch each other play sports growing up. I always hoped but I didn’t think that it would happen my first year as a teacher.


Eagle Eye: If you could vacation anywhere in the world for a week where would it be?

Mr. Jakse: Australia. I knew a kid from there and he would always show me pictures.


Eagle Eye: What do you like and dislike about students, are they what you expected?

Mr. Jakse: I don’t dislike anything about students, but I will say that they complain too much. I do love kids. I believe that if you don’t love kids you shouldn’t be a teacher. Kids have a lot more spirit than adults.


Eagle Eye: What sports did you play in high school?

Mr. Jakse: Football, baseball, and track. I loved football the most.

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