Dunlap Opens New Club for Endangered Species

Paige Duke

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A new club was started this school year by a group of students whose goal is to get others involved in saving the Earth’s endangered species.


The club is named SOS, which stands for Saving Our Species. Its main purpose is to help raise awareness for endangered species on our earth.


The club picks one species each year to help. This year the club has chosen to save the bees. Their goal for this year is to raise $3,000 to build three bee farms in our area to increase the bee population.


They chose to save the bees this year because bees help out with the pollination of local crops and plants.


SOS will be doing other things in our community to help raise money and awareness for bees. They hope to go to places like the animal shelter or fundraise at events for the club.


Starting a new club can be hard. Getting people to join and getting administration approval can be difficult. Last year, students went to administration too late in the year and were unable to start the club, but they got the okay to start SOS this year.


“Even though we got pushed back a year we did get a lot of time to think about how we wanted to run our club and get all the kinks out before the next school year,” said SOS officer Anika D’Souza.


Getting the word out about a new club can also be hard. Club officers were worried no one would show up for the first club day. They were pleased when about 30 kids showed up.


“It was more than expected, but we always will try to get more involved,” said another SOS officer Lauren Day.

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