College Rep Visits Keep Students a Step Ahead in College Search


Brianna Parkhill

Want a chance to learn more about a college or university without having to use a college visit day? Take advantage of DHS’s College Rep Visit program!


College rep visits take place during homeroom on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and occasionally Mondays. The meeting location alternates between the library and the Town Center.


The next upcoming college rep visits are University of Illinois on Sept. 20, in the Town Center, and Olivet Nazarene University on Sept. 24, in the library.


Students may sign up to attend the visits in room C1.


College rep visits at Dunlap High School offered a great amount of wisdom and college knowledge, according to Mrs. Smith, Counseling Department secretary.


Counselor Mrs. Klokkenga agrees and says that there are steps students can take to make the most out of these visits. Researching colleges online as well as attending the college rep meetings can help students acquire a better understanding of what they may or may not want in a future college.


Mrs. Klokkenga says, “College reps are great people to have on your side as they could be the tipping point for college decisions like scholarships or even acceptance.”


She also says, “The college reps take time out of their day to come and specifically see Dunlap students. They want to get to know our students, which could help later on.”


Mrs. Smith hopes more student take advantage of the college rep visits. She says, “The meetings definitely aren’t utilized how they should be. Students should be mindful in attending, as the reps will come even for one interested student. The colleges want to meet you.”