The Teacher Who Does It All

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The Teacher Who Does It All

Abby Banister

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Mrs. Snyder teaches history and sociology and is the head of student council here at Dunlap High School.


This is Mrs. Snyder’s 14th year of teaching. She has taught history one, two, and three, as well as U.S. History, sociology, Modern U.S., and global events throughout the years.


On top of being a full time teacher, Mrs. Snyder is the leader of student council, who were the big planners of homecoming. She says homecoming week is one of her favorite weeks and loves to see the school spirit from the students. She loves working with them and watching their ideas come alive. Although sometimes she questions her sanity, she loves what she does.


To follow up, a few more questions were asked to get to know her:


Eagle Eye: When did you know you wanted to be a teacher?

Snyder: “I was young. Maybe around first or second grade. I had really good teachers and some bad teachers, and I thought I could do that or do it better.”

Eagle Eye: What’s the hardest part of being a teacher?

Snyder: “Well, the hardest part of teaching is the stamina. If I’m tired the kids won’t pay attention so I always have to have energy. But the very hardest part about being a teacher is losing a student; when a student passes away.”

Eagle Eye: What was another job you had when you were younger?

Snyder: “I was a lifeguard. All throughout high school and college actually. I liked it, I liked the outdoors and working with the little kids in swim lessons.”

Eagle Eye: What are your hobbies?

Snyder: “I love to read, I enjoy working out, being with family and friends, and going to bed early.”

Eagle Eye: What are your best qualities?

Snyder: “Charismatic, authentic, empathetic, adventurous, and diligent.”

Eagle Eye: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Snyder: “As a dean or vice principal of a school when I’ll be 45.”

Eagle Eye: What is your favorite childhood memory?”

Snyder: “When I would go camping with my parents and brother.”

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