Spirit Week Success

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Spirit Week Success

Trent Miles

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Dunlap, Illinois —fanny packs, khaki shorts, crazy socks, and floral shirts could be seen in the halls of Dunlap High School this week.

Students and teachers dressed up for: PJ Day, Tourist Tuesday, Decades Day, Class shirt and Maroon/Gold as a part of Spirit Week at DHS in celebration of homecoming.

Alyssa Varness and Abby Unes, both juniors, said they, “had fun dressing up for Tourist Tuesday.”

Alyssa wore birkenstocks,  a bright floral shirt, a hat, and a pair of binoculars around her neck. She also

brought out her stylish fanny pack. Abby Unes wore sunglasses with a jungle hat.

“It was fun to see others dress up but next year I think that students should get to pick the dress up days,” says Taylor Weaver.

Will Akpan says, “I thought it was the most creative that you could get and we haven’t really had a day like this. It was different than what we had done before so I was really excited for it.” 

The teachers had fun with the theme as well. Mrs. Snyder, the student council adviser, felt dressing up for Spirit Week was a good way to connect with their students.

“It’s about creating a rapport and really creating a way to have fun with the students,” says Mrs. Snyder.

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