A New Change for Dunlap


Trent Miles (pictured), one of the many students interviewed about their preference to half days.

Sharon Jegadish

Students were given a poll this past week on a new change that the school has put into place this year.

Dunlap High School has decided this year to change half-day Wednesday’s to half-day Friday’s and students were given a poll on whether they enjoy this change better than the previous or not.

Preferring having a half day on Friday, most students voted yes to liking this change.  

Sara Akay, a senior, new to Dunlap High School, stated, “I like it more on Friday because the week is over and it makes it easier for people if they want to take trips.”

Trent Miles, a sophomore, says, “Fridays are better. If there is a home football game, you don’t won’t have to stay at school for an entire day before. The half day goes by faster on Friday’s rather than a half day on Wednesday’s.”

Cristina Rojas, a junior, also new to Dunlap High School, stated, “I think it’s better on Fridays because you can make plans with friends, but half days on Wednesdays are fine as well because you can do homework and study for Thursday and Friday.”

Se’quioa Jones, a freshman, says, “I love half days on Friday’s because I get more time for myself.”