Spanish Teacher Brings Traditions to Dunlap

Spanish teacher, Mrs. Benefield, poses for picture.

Spanish teacher, Mrs. Benefield, poses for picture.

Saja Kattom

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An educator at Dunlap High School juggles being a cross country coach, a mother, and teaching a foreign language


Mrs. Ellen Benefield is on her third year of teaching Spanish at the high school, spends her life traveling and learning to make a change.


“I like interacting with students. It brings me joy seeing people understand something they didn’t understand before,” says Benefield.


Before teaching, she lived in Mexico for 8 and a half years. Travelling to places like: Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Canada, and Spain. She was able to experience the Spanish culture and there she was able to learn Spanish even more.


Being the coach of a middle school cross country team, Benefield has worked hard with them hoping they will go to state.


Besides being a mom, Benefield says, “I like to cook, run, go outside, go hiking, pretty much doing anything outside.”


She wants to spend her life travelling and learning how to make a change in the world.


Describing herself in three words, she says, “Today I am tired. In general, I am pretty optimistic, content, and usually tired.”

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