Poll Reveals Students Prefer Tradition over Technology

Tahra Davis

Sophomore Nicholas Kolettis poses with a textbook, which is his preference.

The students were given a poll this past week on a new change that has been made to the high school.


Dunlap High School has decided this year and for future years to use chromebooks instead of textbooks.


Approximately 100 students per grade level were asked if they prefer using Chromebooks or textbooks. Overall, students chose textbooks over Chromebooks.


In the freshman class, 52 students chose textbooks over Chromebooks. Eighty-five sophomore students, 57 junior students, and 81 seniors chose textbooks over Chromebooks.


Freshman Meghana Ramoju says, “I voted for textbook because it’s more useful and I don’t need Wi-Fi to access my book. It’s easier having a hard copy and to take notes.”


“Textbooks are easier to use and more convenient to have, and Chromebooks are a hassle,” says sophomore Nicholas Kolettis. “With textbooks, you don’t have to remember passwords or charge it and more convenient to teachers knowing their students are not doing anything they are not supposed to be doing.”


Senior Kyle Hawthorne says, “I voted for Chromebooks because they are easier to use. When you need a certain page you can just type it in instead of flipping through pages.”


“Having textbooks are easier to use because having a Chromebook is such a hassle because you have to worry about having Wi-Fi, making sure your computer is charged, and looking for the online textbook” according to junior Tatum Hussey. “In addition, it is not always easy to access and technology isn’t always working.”

Senior Kyle Hawthorne, prefers Chromebooks for its ease of use.
Freshman Meghana Ramoju voted for textbooks.