A Deeper Look into National Honor Society

Eliane Nasr

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National Honor Society Club is providing tutoring opportunities for students at Dunlap High School during homeroom in Mr. Tallon’s room.


Leader of NHS, Ms. Rada, says, “National Honor Society members possess qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and service. Mr. Tallon and I are the ones in charge and currently there are 135 junior and seniors enrolled.”


A senior member, Harini Subramanian, says, “With excelling students in National Honor Society and an incredible number of opportunities, I feel that we are building a better community with interactions created through this club. It strengthens relationships between students of different ages.”


Members of the club have to volunteer for a total of 15 hours, including at least five hours in the Dunlap community.


Tutoring includes subjects: English, math, science, and social studies.


Another senior member, Kathleen Michelet, says, “Everyone in NHS tutors for at least two weeks, but if they’re a part of the freshman advisory they can opt out. Tutoring also kind of helps us understand how we can use our gifts in order to benefit our community.”


Brock Card, a freshman student receiving the tutoring, says, “I am benefiting from the tutoring this club offers, but I think the club needs to add more tutors for both math and science.”

National Honor Society Leaders, Mr. Tallon and Ms. Rada.

Senior member of NHS, Harini Subramanian.


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