Dunlap Student Takes Home Win

Lauren Freundt

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Dunlap student, J-Arh Doromal just recently took home the win for ice skating at his sectional meet.


Doromal has been ice skating since he was 3 years old. He began once he saw his sister ice skating and was completely captivated by it. He made the decision right then to give it a go.


Now Doromal, years later, trains every Monday through Friday in the mornings. However, he is unsure if he wants to continue skating for a potential career.


His training has yet to fail him, for he recently has not placed below fifth place in any of the competitions he has competed in.


A personal goal of his for next season would be to go to sectionals and possibly nationals.


Despite his many years of experience and his talent when it comes to ice skating, Doromal believes he will go onto college and study psychology and leave the ice skating days behind him.


Doromal is an inspiration to anyone with a goal or dream. If you have determination and are willing to work hard for something you want, the outcome could be very fulfilling.


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