Dunlap Students Gain Job Experience

Jadiah Wheeler

This school year students at Dunlap High School are gaining job experience through the co-op program.


The co-op program matches students to an employer to help them gain valuable work experience. Any Dunlap senior that is on track to graduate is eligible and encouraged to join the program.


A teacher at the highschool, Angie Stancil, finds jobs based on the students personal interests and traits. This helps her find the best job fit for her students.


She says that the program, “teaches soft skills like being punctual, honest and dependant.”


Students must work at least 10 times a week and they are able to work during or after school.


Natalia Davidovich, a senior at the highschool, heard about the program from her counselor. She now works a desk job at a real estate company, and says that this job gives her insight to the ins and outs of the workforce.


“This program prepares me for a college job,” she says.


Jasmine Lamon, another student of the program, says, “Some people don’t have jobs outside of school and don’t know how to get one.”


She is using the skills she has gained to get a second job, and says that the program has showed her to not only get a job but also advance as well.


Mrs. Stancil is looking for ways to get more students involved in the program because of its great benefits.

Co-op member, Natalia Davidovich.