Dunlap Weightlifter Qualifies for Nationals


Weightlifter, Payton Hopkins, at one of her competitions.

Alexis Qualls

A Dunlap High School student qualified for weightlifting nationals next June.


Payton Hopkins, a junior at DHS, qualified for the weightlifting nationals at the Guy Carlton Memorial weightlifting meet.


The Guy Carlton Memorial meet was held in Bloomington on Nov. 2.


“It was just a fun meet to qualify at,” says Hopkins.


To qualify, weightlifters had to lift a certain weight, which corresponds to their weight class. Hopkin’s qualifying weight was 115 kg since she is in the 71 kg weight class.


Hopkin’s said her highest record is 147 kg, so she had expected to qualify.


“I was happy but I want to go even further,” says Hopkins, “I just want to go as high as I possibly can.”


Hopkins says the nationals in June will have a total of about 3000 competitors.