Showing off DHS Artwork


Students artwork on display in the hall of DHS.

Abby Unes

The art display case by the cafeteria shows off the artwork of many of the students at Dunlap High School.


Mrs. Jody Hale, the DHS art teacher, puts up different artwork in the display case every 2-3 weeks. For the past 25-30 years, she has been putting up student artwork in it.


The display case is located straight across from Mr. Andrew Goodman’s room along the hallway leading into the cafeteria.


¨I like to give my students the opportunity to show off their artwork,¨ says Mrs. Hale.


Right now, the artwork in the case is from the art foundations class. The project’s goal was for students to work on shading.


Mrs. Hale says she likes to display artwork that best represents the assignment.


A senior in the art foundations class, Katie Klein, says it’s, “gratifying¨ to have her art displayed and shown off to other students.


Sarah Boland, a junior at Dunlap in the art foundations class, said she likes having her art in the display case.


¨I am proud of my work,” says Boland, “I like that my teacher believes my art is good enough to be put on display.”