Dunlap Students Gear Up for Holiday Season

Eliane Nasr

With the approach of the holidays, students at Dunlap High School were asked what is on their gift list. The most common item on the list was clothing. Here is what a few said…


“I want clothes, AirPods, a Michael Kors wallet, shoes, and money. Just kidding my dad doesn’t give out money for Christmas,” says senior Megan Kozlowski, “I actually haven’t made my list yet but that’s what comes on top of my head.”


“I want to get an apple watch, clothes for skiing, AirPods, and a bunch of gift cards,” says senior Dane Roesler.


Caroline Renn, a junior, says, “I want new shoes, Christmas socks, blankets, and just spend quality time with my family.”


“I want money, Xbox One X, and new clothes,” says junior Tyler Schmidt, “Probably some new shoes as well.”


Hannah Sells, a sophomore, said, “I would want to get books, a winter hat, hoodies, scented lotion, perfume, and a phone since I’ve never had one before.”




 “I want the Xbox One S, new AirPods, and some new clothes for Christmas,” says freshman Jameson Warfield.


Chloe Williams, a freshman, said, “I want clothes, a new phone, a pair of beats, an Apple Watch, UGG boots, moccasins, and new decorations for my room.”


Sai Patel, a freshman, said, “I want new earbuds, an Apple Watch, some shoes, the iPhone X, and new clothes for my Christmas gifts.”