A Look Into the Life of a Dunlap Chemistry Teacher

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A Look Into the Life of a Dunlap Chemistry Teacher

Jack Steinkoenig

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Mr. Baker is an honors chemistry teacher at Dunlap High School. This is his 29th year as a teacher, but he says he has, “only actually been teaching for a couple of days.”


Mr. Baker is also the sponsor of the car club at the high school.


Every year on October 23, Mr. Baker comes to school dressed as a mole in celebration of Mole Day.


Like many chemistry teachers, Mr. Baker enjoys Mole Day very much. He even considers it his favorite holiday because the day consists of “eating, drinking, and merrymaking.”


Here are a few questions asked to better know Mr. Baker:


Eagle Eye: Where is your favorite place to vacation/travel to?

Baker: “Wyoming or Montana because they are beautiful and different from here and you can hike there, which you can’t do here.”


Eagle Eye: What is your biggest accomplishment in life?

Baker: After thinking for a minute, “Way back when, I learned to tie my shoes, so I don’t have to use velcro and everyday I get it done fairly well.”


Eagle Eye: What is a talent you wish you had?

Baker: “It is hard to have more than I already have but maybe to be a good singer because I sing but I can’t sing well.”


Eagle Eye: What is your favorite pastime?

Baker: “It is probably between smoking dead critter or omphaloskepsis.”


Eagle Eye: What would your superpower of choice be?

Baker: “I already have the strength of 10 men, catlike quickness and while it is not a superpower, I have amazing looks. If I could have a superpower, it would probably be the ability to mind read. At times, it would hurt me but I am sure I would be able to help students better understand things if they weren’t getting it.”

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