Career and Technical Night Festivities

Carter Briggs

Dunlap hosted its first ever career and technical night last Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.


Guest speakers from PERFECT, ICC, ATS, and CAT spoke and members from local tradesmen unions ran booths inside Dunlap’s cafeteria after the presentations.


Some of the topics included in their presentation were: college and trade school programs, work programs starting in high school, career paths, and reasons to choose technical careers and trades.


“Students can gain practical on the job experience while getting high school credits,” says representative from Caterpillar Adrian Garcia.


Amitria Shaw, the Dean of College and Career Readiness at ICC says, “We want to help you figure out what the next move is.”


“The career and technical classes, those are the most expensive to run,” says Chris Kendall from Peoria Educational Region for Employment and Career Training, “We at PERFECT want to secure state and federal grant dollars.”


Dunlap High School’s principal Scott Adreon says, “They’ve rounded up all this students debt.”


Part of the night was devoted to college and trade school programs and ways to pay for them such as potential employers paying for college training.