Basketball Game to Raise Money for Tailgate Club

Matthew Lewis

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This Sunday, Feb. 23,  the Tailgate Club is hosting a 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

The tournament, which is the first one for this new club, is a fundraiser to help the Tailgate Club with future activities.

Admission is $5 per player.

Players are very excited to play and are practicing hard core to get ready for the big day.

Daniel Wallace, junior Ethan Barlow, and senior Alan Zhu are among players gearing up for the tournament.

Wallace, a former player of the DHS team, said he is mentally preparing for the tournament and he says that he is looking forward to winning.

Zhu believes he is a formidable contender because “I am the best player in all of the 309.”

Come out and support the players as they compete in the tournament

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Basketball Game to Raise Money for Tailgate Club