Not Just Your Ordinary Teacher

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Not Just Your Ordinary Teacher

Mr. Barrington, pictured in the middle, out on the turf.

Mr. Barrington, pictured in the middle, out on the turf.

Mr. Barrington, pictured in the middle, out on the turf.

Mr. Barrington, pictured in the middle, out on the turf.

Robbie Taylor

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Mr. Aaron Barrington isn’t just another name on a door above a classroom and his face isn’t uncommon to see around school or in the village of Dunlap.


He has been a teacher at Dunlap for 27 years and in that time he has taught a number of different subjects with some of his most memorable being: Biology, Ap Biology, Animal Science, Intro to Agriculture, and Engineering/Design.


Barrington is the head coach for the Scholastic Bowl and has been a Softball Coach for seven years. He also is in charge of Student Council, FFA and Freshman Advisory. He is also a proud trustee of Dunlap’s village board.

Outside of school he likes to spend his time visiting Carl Sandburg College to see his daughter Rachel and watch her play softball. At least, when he isn’t marking papers or making his lesson plans for the upcoming week.

Eagle Eye: Where did you grow up?
Barrington: “On a dairy farm in Alexis, Illinois with about 40 dairy cows, my parents and my brother.”

Eagle Eye: What was your best memory from your childhood?
Barrington: “Getting to bale hay with my close friends in the summertime.”


Eagle Eye: What did you want to do when you graduated high school?
Barrington: “My dream was to become either an agriculture teacher or a veterinarian.”


Eagle Eye: Would you ever want to go back to your farming roots?
Barrington: “ Haha. Not as a dairy farmer, but I would like to raise some beef cattle. I really enjoyed the rural lifestyle.”

Eagle Eye: What has your favourite teaching moment been?
Barrington: “The ability to get to know the students as more than a name in a grade book but as a person and to see them prosper.”


Eagle Eye: Do you have a hero/ idol?
Barrington: “I looked up to my parents who were both teachers. I also had a strong connection with my agricultural teacher in high school, Mr. Cirks.”


Eagle Eye:  How old were you when you bought your first house and did you like the independence?
Barrington: “I was 24 when I bought my first house. I liked the independence since I was basically independent by the time I had graduated college. It was financially difficult at times but in the end it was worth it.“


Eagle Eye: What’s your favourite sport?
Barrington: “I enjoy the fast pace nature of softball.”


Eagle Eye: What’s your dream car?
Barrington: “Oh! It has to be the Shelby F-150.”

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