Dunlap Scholastic Bowl Wins 36th Annual Masonic Sectional


Scholastic Bowl members pose for a photo together.

Kevin Kolesiak

On February 16, Dunlap High School Scholastic Bowl team received an award for winning the 36th annual Masonic Sectional in Galesburg, Illinois.


The DHS scholastic bowl was led by senior, Hanifah Ali, in order to win the first place champions award. They were undefeated against all the other teams from the Illinois area.


This victory is one of many for the DHS Scholastic Bowl team and they currently have won 40 games and lost five.


John Aaron Barrington, a teacher at DHS and coach of Scholastic Bowl, says this victory will, “provide a good springboard for participation in the IHSA state series.”


There are three major state tournaments for scholastic bowl: Masonic, IHSA as well as NAQT, which they will participate in February 23. By winning this sectional they have earned a spot in the Masonic State Tourney.


Scholastic Bowl competitions are formatted in a way called, “Round Robin,” where eight teams compete against each other resulting in seven games being played.


Each game is formatted like Jeopardy but it is grouped into two teams of five. Whichever team buzzes first is able to answer the question. If they get it incorrect, the other team gets to answer and points are awarded to correct answers.


In order to beat the other team, a team must have more points after all 20 questions have been asked.


According to Mr. Barrington, junior Ken Johnson is their star player and roughly answers six out of 20 questions correct. Mr. Barrington further stated how good this is due to the difficulty of each question.