Life of Foreign Students at Dunlap High School

Molly Rockwell

Five foreign exchange students are currently going to school at Dunlap High School.


These five students are from four different countries and have been living in the United States since August.


They live with host families and will be staying until May or June.


The names of the students are Lucie Weiss, Fredrik Pousette, Hannah Schier, Sara Akay, and Cristina Rojas Conde.


Senior Fredrik Pousette, is from Gothenburg, Sweden and he came to the United States in early August. One of his favorite things since arriving is fast food, specifically Chick-fil-a, and American football.


“I have a lot of easier classes here, my hardest class is U.S. history,” says Pousette.


Lucie Weiss, a senior from Italy arrived in January, the latest out of the five students. She looks forward to graduation in the coming months while she is here and likes the diversity of people is Dunlap.


Hannah Schier is from Hamburger, Germany. One thing that Hannah likes about Dunlap is the people. She also looks forward to the spring soccer season.


“I like playing sports we don’t really have that in Germany,” says Schier.


Cristina Rojas Conde is from Madrid, Spain. So far in America, she has enjoyed traveling. She is also looking forward to graduation in May and learning the language.

Fredrik Pousette is welcomed by his host family.
Another Dunlap exchange student poses for a picture in Chicago.