New Club Helps to Save Species


The members of Save Our Species club together for a group photo.

Nina Fant

Saving Our Species club, a new club at Dunlap High School, is spending their time this year focused on helping bees.


The club, founded by junior Lauren Day, is dedicated to helping endangered species. They are spending their time this year focused on spreading awareness for bees.


Saving Our Species is helping out the farmers by building apiaries for them. They have also held a bake sale for spreading the awareness.


When the apiaries come, Day explains, “They are going to paint those as a club together outside of school hours.”


Coming up with the idea in October of 2017, it was too late for the club to become an official club.  


“There was not a club specifically geared towards helping animals,” says Day, “at the beginning of the school year in 2018 we became a club officially.”


She stated that the goal was to choose a species every year and focus on improving and helping them in our community. She then went on to say that since they are working with bees, they contacted local farmers and are giving them beehives to help grow the population.


“I like being able to make a difference in something that I enjoy and feel strongly about,” says Day.


“I think it is a really great opportunity for classmates to come together and support a good cause, and also have a good time doing activities together,” says Lucy Barber, a member of the club.


Esha Shah, “I really like this club because it’s a really good environment to be in,” says junior Esha Shah, “We love helping bees and volunteering in order to raise awareness for animals that are becoming extinct.”


“We felt that we needed to spread awareness for it and the people in our club also seem to agree,” says Day.