DHS 12 Eagles Work to Combat Vaping


Kaitlynn Wulfekuhle

The Dunlap High School’s 12 Eagles work together in the hopes to better students’ lives by raising awareness about vaping and increasing diversity in upper level courses.


12 Eagles is a group of 12 individuals that come together once a week in order to achieve their goals of making DHS a diverse and welcoming place for all students.


The group was created last December by Mr. Scott Adreon, Dunlap High School’s principal. Nominations were held by the administration and teachers and 12 students were picked.


“With a rise in vaping, members of the 12 Eagles were concerned that students don’t realize how bad vaping is for their health,” says assistant principal, Mr. David Johnson, “The 12 Eagles decided to focus on planning an educational session in March where pulmonologists could speak directly to students about the health impact they are seeing in their offices and what the research shows.”


Katie Klein, senior, says, “This group is important to our school as it allows the opinions of the students to be heard by the teachers and administration.”


It also benefits all the other students, as it looks good on college resumes, gives them so many opportunities, and allows them to learn how to talk to adults without fear.


Klein and senior Hanifah Ali are trying to partner to go anti-juuling at DHS. This group also gets sponsored to go to many different leadership conferences and a few went to the Illinois Global Scholar Conference.


Last week, the group was collecting tobacco free pledge cards where students’ would be entered into a OSF sponsored anti tobacco raffle. If chosen, the individual would go to Springfield to talk about anti-tobacco.