A Few Moments With Mr. Simmons

Hetakshi Joshi

Zach Simmons, the Drivers Ed, Behind the Wheel and PE teacher at Dunlap High School, has been teaching for five years.

Along with teaching, he has also been coaching for 10 years. He has coached football, basketball and baseball.

Previously, Simmons taught at the Washington Community Unit District and worked for the Peoria Park District.

¨Just like any learning driver I went through my own challenges which gives me a good perspective for teaching drivers today,” says Simmons.

He thinks different aspects of courses he teaches make them enjoyable.

¨Physical activity and competition makes PE enjoyable,” says Simmons, “Drivers Ed would be the overall idea that we are helping people get their license and become safe and responsible individuals.”

Here are some questions that provide insight on his likes, dislikes, and things he has seen as a DHS teacher:

What is your most dangerous experience you have had with a student as the driving instructor for behind the wheel?

¨I have had one student freeze in the middle of the intersection as a car was coming towards us. I have also had a student pull into the wrong lane of traffic while a car was coming at us. I have never been in a physical crash in a behind the wheel car.¨

As a PE teacher, what is the most gruesome injury you have seen that a student in your class has gotten?

¨As a PE teacher I have seen a girl dislocate her shoulder. She was diving during badminton and popped it out when she hit the floor.”

What do you enjoy doing in your free-time?

“Anything outdoors like hiking, fishing, golfing and collecting sports memorabilia ¨

What are some of your biggest pet peeves and favorite qualities?

“My biggest pet peeve in a person is someone who is dishonest or lazy, but my favorite qualities would probably be the opposite: honest and hardworking.¨

If you could choose another career, other than teaching, which career would you choose?

¨If I wasn’t a teacher I would probably be a firefighter, or a chef”

What are some of your favorite movies?

“My favorite movie ever is “Coach Carter”, or “Miracle”.¨