While Many Students Hard At Play, One Dunlap Student Is Hard at Work

Emma Thomas

Robbie Taylor’s information for his lawncare and car detailing businesses.

While most students are juggling social life and school life, junior Robbie Taylor is also juggling two businesses.


Taylor is the owner of The Wax Shack of Peoria, a car-detailing service, and Lords Lawncare. Both are successful businesses which allows him to combine his passions with entrepreneurship.


In fact, his business Lords Lawncare came about because of his interest in agriculture.


He says he finds cutting grass and doing lawn work is a good way to relax and de-stress.


“Being able to show up at a house and just put my music on and fall into my own little world,” says Taylor.


His work in car-detailing gives him a similar satisfaction. “Getting a car that’s dirty and putting a few hours of hard work into it and seeing the car transform back into showroom condition is what I love most,” said Taylor.


But how does he find time to have successful businesses while also juggling being a student and being on the track team? Perhaps it is because he has not only lived in 10 different houses but also has lived in three different countries. He is originally from Northern Ireland but also has lived in England and America.


Despite the challenges of moving, he says that he still has managed to be very successful. With both businesses, he was able to start them by local marketing and good word of mouth from customers.


Taylor has had great success with both businesses as he is bringing in new customers weekly. His lawn care business has increased so much that he will be hiring employees this summer. 

This summer, Taylor plans to expand his portfolio with a local semi-truck wash.