New Club Spreads Awareness and Tolerance with Prism Club


Kelly Hopkins

There is a new student club this year that aims to provide a safe space for students outside the classroom.

Prism is a gay-straight alliance club consisting of about 14 people whose purpose is to bring awareness and create a safe space for those who feel less comfortable in the classroom or anywhere else according to co-president Lydia Curry.

During club meetings, members discuss issues regarding the LGBTQ community.

In addition, each meeting starts off with words associated with the club, by looking up the definitions and the meaning of the word.

“It kind of acts as conversation starter,” said Hannah Kruse, senior club member.

They plan to eventually do activities outside of club, but right now mainly stay within the classroom.

Curry, who is a senior,  had always had the idea of starting a club like this.  So this year, she decided to go through with it and fill out all the paperwork to make it a club this year.

According to Curry, the club has been received well and has a lot of support, especially from teachers.

Prism welcomes everyone and is always looking for new members, especially juniors, who will take over when the seniors leave.