Students Get to Act out Through Dunlap’s Theater Program


Taylor Disharoon

Dunlap High School students have the opportunity to exhibit their acting skills through Dunlap’s theater program, which performs plays both in and outside of school.

Around 125 students at DHS participate in the theater program, and they have very positive things to say about it.

“My favorite thing about Dunlap’s theater is by far the people,” says senior Anna Heiar.

“I am so very lucky to have spent my four years of high school surrounded by these loving and talented people.”

Lead by director Robin Hunt, theater rehearses everyday after school to prepare for their big shows.

Hunt says that a lot goes into making a show perfect from an acting standpoint including “learning lines, knowing blocking, and doing choreography.”

She said, “Once those things are learned, then it’s all about repetition to solidify and become the characters in the story.”

Participants say the rehearsals are tiring, but necessary to make the shows perfect.

“It’s something that we wouldn’t change. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. We all really want to make it to state, that’s our goal, so we want the rehearsal time,” said sophomore Chloe Zant.

Sophomore Jenin Mannaa agrees. She said, “It’s worth it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Dunlap’s next school performance is on March 13 and is the open dress rehearsal for sectionals on the following Saturday. The show titled, “The Wolves,” is about a women’s soccer team.