A Few Questions with the Head “Lunch Lady”


Aisha Mateen

Students may not see her, but her impact is felt everyday in the cafeterias. Mrs. Lisa Leitner, champions all the menu-handling for the entire Dunlap district, which means that she’s not just responsible for hot lunch at DHS, but seven other schools.


Mrs. Leitner took a few moments of her hectic schedule to sit down with the Eagle Eye.


Eagle Eye: What’s the most fun part about your job?


Leitner: Getting thank-you notes from students and meeting students at all grade level. I just love to hear that they like the food, and to see the smiles on their faces.


Eagle Eye: What’s the toughest part about your job?


Leitner: Finding menu items that the kids will love and eat because we have a very diverse population, so we have to find something for everyone.


Eagle Eye: What kind of students (in the hot lunch line) annoy you the most?


Leitner:  Students who are on their cell phones, and not paying attention to the lunch ladies. I believe they can at least put your phone down till you get through the line.


Eagle Eye: Do you think some of the meals at our school are overpriced?


Leitner: We receive funding from the government, and for a paid meal, you really can’t go anywhere and get them any cheaper. The price fits the portion.


Eagle Eye: What do you love most about our school’s lunch?


Leitner: The variety, and that students get to choose from several options.