Dunlap Students Break it Down on Stage for Prom


Prom show participants

Ellen Hou

Prom is right around the corner, and Dunlap High School seniors are holding the annual DHS Prom Fashion Show this Friday in the auditorium during homeroom. Tickets are $2 and all proceeds will go to prom.


According to Sally Ryon, a FACS and Foods teacher at Dunlap High School, says that there are about 60 kids in the show this year. Participants were nominated by a coach, club, or teacher to represent that area.


Ryon says that, “The seniors love the prom fashion show because they get to represent a club or sport that they’ve been involved in, they get to dress up, wear tuxedos and prom dresses, get their hair done, and have fun and be on stage.”


But it’s come with a lot of time commitment. The group has had five weekend practices that have been three hours long, as well as practice every day during homeroom for the past month, according to Paige Duke, who is choreographing the big finale for the show.

Dance choreographer, Paige Duke, and teacher in charge of the fashion show, Mrs. Ryon.

Duke says so far, She says, “This is my first year. I’m a junior, so I’ve been choreographing for these seniors this year. I also plan on doing it next year, too. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s fun.”


This year’s show is split into two parts: “promposal” skits with various couples and the finale.


According to Duke, “The first few minutes are couples. Everyone is paired and they do little promposal skits for everyone.


“The very last like eight minutes is our finale, and that’s what I choreographed this year. It’s with every couple that’s included in the show. It’s basically just a big play that we put on for everyone.”


Duke reveals that there will be a lot of fun surprises, including people flying in the air and tumblers. She states that, “It’s a very difficult routine.”