SAT Testing is Coming Soon

Eli Eveland

On April 9, juniors at DHS will put their weeks of preparation to use when they take the SAT.


The SAT, a standardized college entrance exam, is possibly one of the most impactful tests in a students high school career. For this reason, Dunlap juniors have spent the last nine weeks studying and preparing to take it.


To  prepare for the test, students were organized into groups of math and English, spending four weeks focusing on each area using the resources of Khan Academy, as well as instruction from teachers.


“I can’t take too much credit, the office staff and our amazing teachers are what really brings our preparation process together,” said guidance counselor Mrs. Klokkenga, the one who organizes the process. “It’s in really good shape, and I think our students are ready for it.”


Allie Dunn, a junior at DHS says she feels prepared for the test. “I’m not too stressed about it since I want to go to a trade school anyway.”


The juniors are not the only ones involved in testing on April 9. Sophomores will be taking the PSAT, and freshmen will be taking the PSAT 8/9.


Seniors will spend the day visiting a college or doing community service at Wildlife Prairie Park.