Dunlap Students are Pumped for Spring Break


Senior Stephanie Haines

Lucie Weiss

Any plans for spring break? DHS students are flying to warm places or visiting relatives. And others are just staying at home enjoying the vacation days. Here’s what a few students shared.


“I’m going to Clearwater, Florida, with a friend of mine and his mom,” senior Stephaney Haines said,“We are going to stay down there for the week and enjoy the beach.”


Anika D’Souza

“I’m going to Utah to ski with my family and my foreign exchange student. We are leaving on Friday

Delaney Cook

and we will get back on Sunday,” said junior Anika D’Souza. “Although I want to go somewhere warm, I’m still excited to go skiing.”


Delaney Cook, a freshman, said, “I am going to Texas to visit my grandparents.”


Ethan Frazier, a senior, said, “Instead of going on vacation I’m making money for my next trip.”


Ethan Frazier

“Over spring break I am going on vacation on a cruise on the Caribbean with my family: my younger brother, my mom and my dad,” junior Emily Budde said,“It will be my first cruise, I’m really excited.”

Junior Emily Budde




Sophomore Saniya Tutt

Sophomore Saniya Tutt said, “I will spend the week playing basketball and sleeping.”


“The only interesting thing I will do is practice,” said Jack Hansen, a freshman.

Freshman Jack Hansen